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Project in Progress: Fixing This Balcony’s Leaks

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Fixing stubborn complex leaks under these beautiful balcony railings.

Project Status: Preparation Stage

This project roughly includes:

1. Removal of railings;
2. Removal of decks;
3. Replacing balcony roofs;
4. Reinstalling railings back while replacing all newel posts with new (all custom made) and while sandblasting of all remaining railing parts;
5. Installing completely new decks.

Should you ever consider installing beautiful, expensive railings or decking on your roof you will want to make sure that the whole project is designed, prepared and supervised by the same person. Supervision of the project must/should include taking responsibility for all installation stages of the project for all roofing, railing and decking work. Protect your investment and mitigate the opportunity for contractors to blame one another should something need repair at a later date.

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Commercial-style solutions

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We offer commercial-style solutions for residential homes as well.

Residential low-slop (flat) roofs are often ignored.

Some say: “it is a simple flat roof”. Yes, some flat roofs may perform just fine with a simple flat roof covering, but not all.

Others demand comprehensive commercial-style solutions in order to perform.

Does your low-slop (flat) roof performs as it should?

Contact us if you need a help with it.

Choose your preferred solution

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When you request an estimate from us you typically receive:

A thorough hands-on inspection, with a comprehensive evaluation of existing issues.

An initial verbal report of findings and potential solutions.

Then a written proposal, with a detailed description of the recommended solution including optional solutions with their pros/cons for your consideration.

Such proposals often include pictures and/or drawings to ease understanding of what actually is offered.

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