About us


From day one, the very top priority for our establishment had been customer satisfaction. When we first began in the mid 1980’s the siding contracting trade was at the bottom of a national reputation list. Though it sounded challenging, we wanted to stand out, and build a business that would work towards challenging that reputation, by making customer satisfaction our number one priority. This mindset became the driving force behind Swistun, Inc.

Have we accomplished this, you may ask? We certainly think so. It was challenging, and our approach was often criticized from many angles, including internally. Countless times, company profitability was put on the backburner, in favor of customer service and satisfaction leading our decision-making process. Periodically, we had lost employees who questioned this approach. Was it worth it? We think so. Our philosophy has proven itself though vast economic shifts over the last 30+ years, and will continue to drive Swistun, Inc. into the future.


Besides customer satisfaction and service, our other strong area of interest is taking on challenging projects. We realized, just several years after starting Swistun, Inc., that most of our competitors are not interested in solving such issues.

One such key issue is the stubborn and persistent leaks which seem to be impossible to effectively eliminate. These take a lot of knowledge, patience, commitment and experience; all tasks which we have mastered.

We pay the deposit... TO YOU!

The job will be done right the first time, or you keep the deposit.

Here's how it works:

Before starting your project, you will get a security check for 5% of the contract agreement price (up to $500). If for any reason the job is not done the first time to your satisfaction, the deposit is yours to keep.

We will repair or replace any error to your satisfaction, even if we have to reinstall the entire job. You do not pay until you are completely satisfied.

Call me obsessive

Call me obsessive, but for the last 25 years I have not been able to hire reliable sales/project management help which quite meets my standards. I think it’s because it is hard, if not impossible, to find employees who will treat every project on your home as if it was their own. I have learned that infinite time and effort put into training and mentoring is simply wasted if this core mentality does not come from within.

As such, I’ve recently decided to re-structure my company back to its roots, in order to maintain the standards I set forth for my name, and company, as its owner and president. As of mid-March 2015 I am diverting my time and energy away from expanding my company and toward your individual project, to be completed to my personal expectations.

Naturally, my resources are now more limited. But if I do have the opportunity to work on your home or building, you can be sure that you will be no less than fully satisfied with the outcome, because only then, so will I.

Our history


Kazimierz Swistun begins to work for a newly opened frozen food factory in Opole, Poland. With a master engineer diploma, he quickly advances to a manager position. He is then responsible for the maintenance and care of all factory machinery. He manages approximately 50 employees, including three engineers.


Kazimierz immigrates to the United States. With limited English, he takes any available job opportunity. He is then hired as a helper to a siding contractor. This is when he receives his current nickname “Casey” from his friends.

Spring of 1985

Casey establishes his own independent company, initially named KC Construction. Shortly thereafter, the name is changed to Swistun Construction. At this time he hires a handful of helpers and works exclusively for one well known siding contractor. Working for multiple contractors at that time was not allowed.

Winter/Spring of 1987

Kazimierz (Casey) Swistun builds his own small home in Crystal Lake, IL. Later that spring he decides to sever all ties with the general contractor he worked for. After a few weeks of spreading flyers and selling directly to homeowners, he sells his first four small projects.

Monday June 29, 1987

This day marks the first day of Casey’s completely independent construction company, with only a week’s worth job log. It was tough, but the company survived. Testament to the company’s success, is the fact that Casey has not searched for subcontracting jobs since. Swistun Construction became Swistun Aluminum shortly thereafter. The company’s phone number is established as 459-8505 and remains unchanged to this day: (847) 459-8505. The company was mainly operated from Casey’s home office.


Swistun Aluminum’s first office and warehouse location opens in Buffalo Grove, IL.


Company is incorporated and the name is adjusted to reflect the change: Swistun Aluminum, Inc.


As the company evolves into offering broader variety of services, such as roofing, the name “Swistun Aluminum” becomes misleading, and is therefore shortened to Swistun, Inc.


InvisiGuard™ patented gutter guard is developed. In 2005 its new version IG2™, with its new US patent, is put on the market.

Since June 2015

No more salespeople. As of now I, Kazimierz (Casey) Swistun, can finally do what I love to do. I enjoy personally working on Replacement of challenging roofs and Fixing stubborn complex leaks, instead of managing sales / project managing people.

I love personally:
- Investigating each leaking issue;
- Designing solutions;
- And being with working crews on the jobsites while resolving these issues.

My other love is ultrarunning. It keeps me in my solid physical and mental shapes, which are essential in being able to perform such demanding building repair projects.

And this leads to my latest 2052 Challenge