Swistun, Inc. | Replacement of challenging roofs and fixing stubborn leaks is our passion! Low-slop (flat) TPO commercial roofing system or any steep-slop residential roofs
Replacement of challenging roofs and fixing stubborn complex leaks is our passion!

Our services

  • Fixing Stubborn Complex Leaks
    It is our passion and years of experience in solving issues like: Condensation related leaks in steep roof systems Ice dams are very much related to condensation problems. What causes...
  • Roofing – Residential
    Roof styles we offer: Asphalt shingle roofs; Commercial style roofs on residential homes...TPO low-slope (flat) roofing system; Cedar shake and cedar shingle roofs; Genuine slate roofs; Composite slate and tile...
  • Roofing – Commercial
    Many things may go wrong with low-slope (flat) roof system and there is no “bullet proof solution”. There are many roof system components not necessary compatible with each other. There...
  • Sheet Metal
      It is often a necessary part of well planned and completed roofing projects. In some cases these are stand alone projects, or just an art of work....

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