Recently I had an extensive repair problem involving my patio, roof and guttering system. I decided to go with Swistun company because they were recommended to me and they seemed to be well knowledgeable about variety of systems in house construction. I was so glad I had them take care of my house! I was aware that my project did require somebody more than familiar with structure engineering and as well with roofing, siding and gutters. Casey was helpful and very committed to meeting all my expectations even though it took him months to finally take care of my project, but it was worth to wait for. I could tell that no matter what job he was doing he was very precise and going for best results possible. I felt I could trust his expertise and I knew I was getting most honest and solid service because he was explaining all his work every step of the way. I also know he saved me a lot of money in a long run because of how strategic his work was and attentive to detail.
Thank you Casey 🙂

Janina Geber,