We moved into a newer home that was just about 10 years old but had issues with major ice damming and icicles due to heavy snow. This led to water damage inside of the house as the ice was melting and making its way inside our home.
I had multiple quotes from several roofing outfits and they just eyeballed the situation and wanted to simply re-do the flashing. Most did the assessment from the street without going on the roof. None offered a guarantee.
I came across Swistun on the net and found that they required a fee to assess the issue. I was a bit hesitant but went ahead anyways and i am very glad i did. The owner Casey came out and spent time not only on the roof but also inside of the attic to see what the cause might be. An assessment was made and a very detailed and illustrated solution/proposal was created with several options including ones with guaranteed no-leak options.
Construction was done last summer and Casey was there for the majority of the work done. His crews were on time and kept the grounds clean. It was completed within the time frame since weather cooperated with us. He also took care of a gutter leak for free while he had his crew out. Everything looked great in the end as he had to do some construction to widen an exit of my roof valley to provide better drainage.
After completion, Casey even stopped by after a heavy rain just to make sure things were draining correctly and made some adjustments back up on the roof to correct a potential issue. Mind you, this was after i paid the bill so it wasn't something i was expecting as a followup. You can tell he has a passion for problem solving.
The big test was the following winter. Even after the early winter snowstorm that dropped an incredible amount of snow in a short period of time, the icicles and ice dams never formed. The solution worked brilliantly well!
Also on a side note, the process was very easy throughout the entire project as Lori is the main contact person in his office and is very easy to communicate with. Casey is also very responsive. Wish all companies worked in this manner!
I wouldn't consider them a bargain comparing to a regular roofer. However, if you want your roof leak situation fixed correctly, this is the way to do it! Swistun is a class act from start to finish!
Tom S.