Optimizing gutter drainage systemWindows and doors installation with leak protectionSiding installation with wall waterproofing

Optimizing gutter drainage system

Well optimized gutter drainage system may help to accomplish several things:

Diverting draining water from roof's trouble area to area which can easier handle that water. It is a very custom approach, where in consideration are taken: roof's shape and design, identified problem areas, ground pitches.

Protecting gutters and downspouts from clogging.

Preventing gutters and downspouts from freezing.

Windows and doors installation with leak protection

Creating a leak protection above windows and doors is a part of wall waterproofing and preventing leaks from above. However another aspect is protecting walls from windows and doors leaking by themselves. This is typically accomplished by creating a secondary leak protections under windows and doors.

See on this photo consequences of not following such approach.

Siding installation with wall waterproofing

General approach: Siding is not designed to provide walls waterproofing, especially vinyl siding. Walls need to be waterproofed before siding is installed. Treat siding as a decoration only.

See on this photo consequences of not following such approach.