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Condensation related leaks in steep roof systems

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Ice dams are very much related to condensation problems. What causes ice dams? Temperature right under the roofing cover should be as close to outside temperature as possible. No excuses that building design does not allow having that. How can we accomplish that?

Insulate and isolate

Eliminate moisture pumped into the attic by bathroom vents, kitchen vents etc.

Ventilate remains of heat and air vapor. But how, when we are dealing with dormers, roof valleys, skylights, can lights, cathedral ceilings, luck of soffit overhang and a combination of all of that. This often requires lots of creativity right on the job site.

Alternative approach in specific situations: insulate well and disregard ventilation, however be aware that potential air vapor may penetrate through the gaps to roof cover area.

Other alternative approach: heating cables often being installed for two major reasons (1) far less expensive alternative in specific situations; (2) this is the only way to resolve certain issues.

Low-Slope (Flat) Roofing Failures

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    Many things may go wrong with low-slope (flat) roof system and there is no “bullet proof solution”.
    There are many roof system components not necessary comparable with each other.
    There are many different ways of proceedings to accomplish the end result, as long as you are well aware of what the end results should be. Somebody's way of “covering” one issue may cause other to fail.
    Deep understanding and being aware of what may go wrong is a key to design low-slope (flat) roof assembly.
    Making sure that the project is done as it was designed is the other key to success.

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