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    Commercial-style solutions

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    We offer commercial-style solutions for residential homes as well.

    Residential low-slop (flat) roofs are often ignored.

    Some say: “it is a simple flat roof”. Yes, some flat roofs may perform just fine with a simple flat roof covering, but not all.

    Others demand comprehensive commercial-style solutions in order to perform.

    Does your low-slop (flat) roof performs as it should?

    Contact us if you need a help with it.

    Choose your preferred solution

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    When you request an estimate from us you typically receive:

    A thorough hands-on inspection, with a comprehensive evaluation of existing issues.

    An initial verbal report of findings and potential solutions.

    Then a written proposal, with a detailed description of the recommended solution including optional solutions with their pros/cons for your consideration.

    Such proposals often include pictures and/or drawings to ease understanding of what actually is offered.

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