Resolved Issues with Sprayed Foam Insulated Roof – Project 16010780

Challenges of this shingle roofing replacement project even though it is a relatively small roof:

We were the 4th roofing contractor working on this roof during last 10 years…according to customer’s statement.

We were dealing with failing installed sprayed foam insulation. This roof in parts has open attic and in other parts cathedral ceiling.

Plywood was buckling up and nails were excessively rusted.

Some leaks were present during winter conditions.

Besides, there are very narrow spaces between neighboring houses, and very small front and back yards.

We’ve coordinated this project together with sprayed foam insulation contractor. They were filling all the insulation when plywood was removed especially from cathedral ceiling areas.

We’ve created spotty ventilation system above all HVAC duct channels located in cathedral ceiling areas.

As additional precaution we have used stainless steel roofing nails vs. standard electro galvanized nails.

And of course, we had to rent the scaffolding with a chute for this project.

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