Replaced Indoor Swimming Pool Roofing- Project 16081001

Due to lots of moisture produced by the indoor swimming pool its roof requires a specifically protective and a well installed roofing system.

The existing roofing system did not protect well enough especially the area where the swimming pool addition is connected with the main house. See what happened to the sheeting and roof structure on the photos provided.

As part of this project, we replaced all rotted wood, precisely installed a good quality vapor retarder, added a ridged ISO insulation, installed plywood over the ISO, and then installed a typical shingle roofing system with its ice barrier and a good quality felt.

Also all siding connections above this roof were redone. This included making a wall waterproofing system before all siding was reinstalled.

Finally, due to the added ridged ISO insulation, the roof was raised several inches, therefore all fascias at all roof edges, gutters and their gutter guards were redone as well.

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