Portfolio Category: Shingle

Project 07042701

Replaced roofing, gutters and installed InvisiGuard IG2 gutter guard. It was house with a prior hard to resolve leaking issue. Besides the above, we had to greatly reinforce the roof structure of the entire roughly 100-year old original house section.
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Project 16031601

Replaced existing roofing with asphalt shingle roofing on steep roof, and with fully adhered TPO roofing system on two small low-slope (flat) roof sections. We dealt there with removal of four (4) asphalt shingle layers installed over one (1) cedar shingle layer and at the same time with three (3) siding layers. All three siding…
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Replaced Indoor Swimming Pool Roofing- Project 16081001

Due to lots of moisture produced by the indoor swimming pool its roof requires a specifically protective and a well installed roofing system. The existing roofing system did not protect well enough especially the area where the swimming pool addition is connected with the main house. See what happened to the sheeting and roof structure…
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