Projects 2

  • Fixing Balcony Leaks – Project 16030901

    Fixing Balcony Leaks – Project 160

    Fixing stubborn complex leaks under these beautiful balcony railings. This project has roughly included: 1. Removal of railings; 2. Removal…

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  • Dark Brown low-slope (flat) TPO roofing – Project 14071101

    Dark Brown low-slope (flat) TPO roofing

    A small low-slope (flat) TPO roofing project, where dark brown TPO was used. Stucco there to be completed by others.

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  • Replaced a Small Low-Slope (Flat) Roofing with TPO System – Project 13053140

    Replaced a Small Low-Slope (Flat) Roofin

    Small TPO project over the family room, where previous roof was persistently leaking, and "could not be fixed".

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  • Project 14052841

    Project 14052841

    Replaced near 70 square previously installed TPO roofing. Prior TPO roofing failed due to: Improperly created roof-to walls connections. Not…

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  • Project 07042701

    Project 07042701

    Replaced roofing, gutters and installed InvisiGuard IG2 gutter guard. It was house with a prior hard to resolve leaking issue.…

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  • Replaced Copper Gutters Valleys at Slate Roof – Project 10050601

    Replaced Copper Gutters Valleys at Slate

    Replaced existing gutters and valleys at genuine slate roof with new copper gutters and valleys

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  • Chimney Flashing – Project 19090301

    Chimney Flashing – Project 19090301

    Replaced chimney flashing and its saddle within a cedar shake roof

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  • Repaired a List of Complex Stubborn Leaks – Project 16020901

    Repaired a List of Complex Stubborn Leak

    Over the years, we have resolved many complex stubborn leaks in this condominium complex. Specifically, leaks involving roofs with a…

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